Install / Setup

Celeriq is a server based installation. It runs as a windows service and services request based on issued queries. The installation copies the server binaries to the installation folder under the default folder.

C:\Program Files\Widgetsphere\Celeriq Server

To install the windows service simply run the "InstallService.bat" file. After it completes the service should be registered and viewable in your Local Services dialog. You may start the service now. By default the service will be configured for manual start. You may want to configure it for automatic start so you do not need to restart it each time you reboot.

Server Access

Once the server is running you can use the Celeriq Management Studio (CQMS) to administer repositories. In the install folder there is a sub-folder named "Client Tools" where this application resides. When the application loads the first thing you see is a prompt for a server. Enter "localhost" to access the local machine. The default username and password is username: root pwd: password. You may also use a network name of another machine or IP address. Remember, port 1973 must not be blocked by the firewall.

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